From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter(SEL 3:2)

Continuing from the Number 4, Fall 1994 issue concerning Safety Energy Lock 3, Donna asks the question, “What does an imbalanced SEL-3 look like – mentally-emotionally-physically?”

Philomena: “When SEL-3 is not in harmony a person may appear uncomfortable: breathing may be uneasy. As for posture, the upper back may be full and tight. They may appear sad. Symptoms of overload of SEL-3 are lung swell, pleurisy, liquid effusion, prickling pain in chest, between-ribs discomfort, as well as under-arm swelling or perspiring frequently, continually or profusely. A person may be nervous or fidgety, showing signs of breathing difficulty, coughing, producing excess mucus, allergies, asthma, cold-fevers. The pulse may be rapid and thready – heard on the same or opposite side.”

Muriel: “Imbalanced SEL-3 looks like: allergies, emotional nature is not in balance (violent outburst or just very angry). The body can look very emaciated. The pulse would be found on left wrist, middle finger (in some cases on the same side and in other cases on the opposite side).”

Wayne: “When SEL-3 is imbalanced, the Being becomes unhappy and fatigued, leaving the body vulnerable to illness and destruction. The degeneration of Man – what the world calls aging – is the manifestation of an impaired SEL-3. SEL-3 plays a vital role in the proper functioning of Man’s bustline, where awakening to Life begins. Without the gifts of SEL-3, the heart center, the spirit of Beingness, would be Lifeless. When listening to the pulse, the disharmony of the index finger pulse (left and/or right – surface and/or deep) may indicate the SEL-3 is inhibited in providing the body with Abundant Breath. This ‘diminished’ state of being sources the attitudes of lack and limitation (Fear) and is the precursor to All of man’s misery.”

Question: “What is the relationship of SEL-3 with the Fatigue Flow?”

Philomena: “The Fatigue Flow or Fatigue Adjustment Flow is composed of a combination of the MCV, Left & Right Supervisory and the Mediator Energy. It may be used to help strengthen a weakened lymphatic flow of which SEL-3 is the key or the focal area. Worry will affect SEL-3.”

Muriel: “Fatigue; SEL-3 is the lock being cleaned by the rest of the flow route, helping fatigue level, thus helping man’s emotional nature (3-Trinity).”

Wayne: “A primary intention, or focus, of the Fatigue Adjustment Flow (Trinity) is the upliftment and support of SEL-3. Each of the seventeen simple, dynamic steps of the Trinity Flow promotes freedom from attitude-the source of fatigue. Longevity, health and happiness are the benefits of a fully nourished SEL-3.”

Thank you all.

Let’s finish learning about SEL-3 tomorrow.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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