From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 3:1)

In issue Number 6, Fall 1994, Donna Bando continues interviewing Muriel, Philomena and Wayne about their experiences with Safety Energy Locks. This time we will learn about Safety Energy Lock 3.

Question: “What is the essence of Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 3?”

Philomena: “Number 3 is a free number symbolized by the ▲ Pyramid – Spirit-Life-Force. it is a symbol of equilibrium, our exhaling and inhaling.”

Muriel: “Immune system. The emotional nature of man. Very important to the Mediator Flow. Equally important to total body regeneration (Third Depth).”

Wayne: “The essence of SEL-3 is relationship, the harmony of balance and mediation, and breath which promotes immunity and freedom from dis-ease in man’s being. SEL-3 is the foundation upon which the body is created and recreated.”

Question: “To whom or what is SEL-3 related?”

Philomena: “SEL-3 is related to the First Depth as one of the four SELs (1,2,3, and 4) representing the First Depth on the Supervisory level. The Mediator Flow is born at the level of SEL-3.”

Muriel: “SEL-3 relates to First Depth, the Mediator Flow and Jupiter. It is the ‘key’ quintessence (element).”

Wayne: “SEL-3 is symbolized by the triangle, the most stable of all geometric shapes. It is the basic building block of nature from which all is created. Everything which exists is born from within ‘Trinity’ – the Three-In-One.”

Question: “What are the systems SEL-3 aids?”

Philomena: “Our pulmonary specialist. It is the key to harmonizing the respiratory system, the swinging door to the exhaling and inhaling – the unloading and receiving. It is also the harmonizing of the lymphatic system – our natural antibiotic system. When we keep our shoulders clear, we will never have a fever, cold or sore throat. SEL-11 will burden SEL-3, which in turn will burden SEL-10 and SEL-13, causing congestion and various lung discomforts.”

Muriel: “Immune system. Respiratory system (door) harmonizes the inhale and the exhale. it also clears the shoulders. SEL-3 aids the 12 organ flow level: liver and gallbladder.”

Wayne: “SEL-3, the ‘Respiratory Specialist’, harmonizes the Breath of Life as it exhales and inhales the body. It balances our giving and receiving…spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Through balanced breath, we are free from emotional upset and physical distress. We are happy and healthy.”

Thanks to Donna and all our teachers…this is a good place to stop for today. More tomorrow…


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