I’m thinking about my boo-boo knee…

..poor me. Woe is me. Alas and alack.

I have a “boo-boo” knee.

Seems I’ve torn my right meniscus. I didn’t feel any moment-of-tear, but the MRI doesn’t lie. (Or does it?)

I have a great orthopedic surgeon who has helped me with orthopedic issues over many years. He understands I’d rather not have him drain the fluid or administer a cortisone injection to ease the inflammation. He thinks I’m a little nuts but is sincerely happy I have avoided spinal surgery for more than a year using daily Jin Shin Jyutsu, weekly Network Chiropractic sessions and weekly massage therapy.

I explained that I am aware that (regardless of western medical treatment or surgery) in the end my body heals itself…I didn’t actually say that, but I did think it. Sometimes my body needs a little help from “friends”, etc. and I do not refuse it in that situation. Why wait 8 months when 3 weeks will do it? My body is somewhat slower on its own.

So I learned all about my meniscus. It’s cartilage. There is no blood supply to cartilage in the knee. A surgeon cannot sew torn pieces together because they won’t heal because there is no blood supply.

I accepted the cortisone injection only and bought 2 weeks to think about this. My 6th Depth “blueprint” still whirls around me and I can draw on it to produce new healthy cells…the time depends on the cell. My body replaces my blood every 24 hours (or something like that) and other organs take longer. My body chemistry changes about every 7 years (or something like that), which is why kids outgrow allergies.

The surgeon stated that the arthroscopic surgery would be to remove the torn piece of cartilage. I asked why. He said because the little torn piece of cartilage is flopping around and causing the inflammation, pain and swelling.


Let me think about that. My body knows how to absorb tumors, cysts, cancer cells-gone-mad; why not a little piece of cartilage?

Think I’ll try some of the Jin Shin Jyustu accumulation flows over the next couple of weeks and see what “shakes out’.


5 thoughts on “I’m thinking about my boo-boo knee…

    1. Debbie Beaton Post author

      I didn’t do any exercises. I simply held my same side 1 & 8. I walked a little further each day and gave my body time to heal. Bear in mind that a torn meniscus is far from a total knee replacement. I would recommend holding your same side 1 & 8 and exercise as your surgeon has directed. Get well quick!

  1. debbiebeaton Post author

    Yes! And that is exactly what I’ve been doing. This post is from July and after 2+ months of 1/8, my knee is fine. Love you, Annie!

  2. Annie

    Dear Debbie~~~What about holding your 8’s??? So what can the Jin Shin Jyutsu community do to help you? HUGS, Annie


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