From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 2:3)

Kim and Jed ask Muriel, Philomena and Wayne: “What do you see as SEL-2’s main role?”

Philomena: “Helps the process of regeneration, inhaling, and receiving. Helps to clear the back, ascending energy helps energy in the legs to ascend, therefore releasing pressure in the legs. It helps with people with misalignment. Mary has talked about SEL-2 being our orthopedic specialist or our alignment specialist. So it helps to keep the body in proper alignment. Personally I utilize SEL-2 and the surrounding area in conjunction with SEL-9 to help release elevated blood pressure and mental and emotional stress. Also using SEL-2 to help release accumulations and help with elimination projects. A dynamic quickie to help sciatica is to hold SEL-2 with one hand and SEL-1 and then SEL-3 with the other hand.”

Muriel: “It’s a facilitator and it energizes the whole back and the legs. Mary has called it illuminating intelligence. It also helps breathing, it helps our inhaling. To me, it is very important for ascending energy, helping to build the body. It’s the life force in this form. Mary once said, that the Number 2 is like seeing my own being. When SEL-2 clears, and we can think in terms of 20, then it’s seeing through the eyes of the Creator. To me it’s helping clear the energy of regeneration so we can go back into the invisible form.”

Wayne: “SEL-2 is the inhale for our being. SEL-1 allows us to move, to let go, and to create. SEL-2 allows us to purify and transform ourselves – to re-create ourselves – through the process of the inhaling breath. SEL-2 is everything that SEL-1 is not. It is the other side. It is the whole notion of polarities, or opposites. While SEL-1 is exhale, SEL-2 is inhale. SEL-1 says “Let Go”. SEL-2 says “Receive”. SEL-1 is all of the past and SEL-2 is all of the present. SEL-1 is masculine and SEL-2 is feminine. It is absolutely the other side of the same coin. What SEL-1 initiates, SEL-2 fulfills and completes.”

Thank you all for these insights.

There is much more to the discussion of SEL-2 and I encourage you to get the back issue from the Scottsdale office. Relationships with body organs, depths and even the mathematical placement of SEL-2 on the body by Jiro Murai.

You can check at their website store:



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