From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 2:2)

Muriel, Philomena and Wayne continue sharing their experiences of Safety Energy Lock 2 with Kim and Jed.

Question: “What are some of the projects that SEL-2 harmonizes?”

Philomena: “Our body alignment. It helps the back, ascending energy, up the back, and pulls energy up the legs and helps harmonize the body, helps with blood pressure, helps to clear the mind. SEL-2 harmonizes our respiratory system by enhancing our inhalation.”

Muriel: “Certainly, the hip area, front and back. It helps back stress. it will help digestion, our breathing, and leg tension. SEL-2 will also help adjust our attitude. It’s our general well-being. It’s the energizer. SEL-2 is also very important to the pelvic area to make sure it is open. We can clear from SEL-2 to SEL-25. We clear down around that pelvic area to make sure it is open. To open that pelvic area is very important because if the pelvis gets stuck then Third Depth has a hard time coming forth.”

Wayne: “We remind ourselves that if we touch a part of life, we’re touching the whole of life. Physiologically, at the body function level, we’re looking at a relationship of the kidneys to the umbilicus. What we’re hearing from SEL-2, because of its location in the physical dimension, is a relationship of Fourth Depth to Sixth Depth, the bridge: kidney to umbilicus. It is the hip line of the body, and from the physical we move toward the spiritual. Fourth Depth to Sixth Depth, physical to non-physical, to be in both dimensions. Any time we’re talking about SEL-2, we’re obviously talking about a relationship. So, now with SEL-2, we’ve moved from the unity of oneness into this relationship of two aspects of wholeness. When we look at SEL-1 we think about SEL-2, or when we look at SEL-2 we think about SEL-1. We are going to hold this relationship: exhale and inhale; masculine and feminine; past and present. It literally brings the inhale to the body. SEL-1 brings us the ability to move, to let go, to create, now with SEL-2 we’re recreating, we’re transforming life through the process of the inhaling breath and receiving. And all of this wholeness is immediately brought into a more vivid awareness.”

This is a lot to think about, so we’ll stop and continue tomorrow. Remember the link to the 26 Energy Safety locks and the comments about the Depths from earlier posts; they will help you understand as we go forward.

Thank you, Kim, Jed, Muriel, Philomena and Wayne!


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