From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 1:4)

Wrapping up about Safety Energy Lock 1 from Volume 1 Number 4, Winter 1994 issue, Kim asks, “What is the numerological significance of SEL 1?”

Philomena muses, “Prime mover. Left, right, left, right. It is said that if we have knee problems, we are resisting going forward. Mary quoted Plato as saying that the power and dignity of Number 1 is expressed in its permanence, stability and immovability. The Number 1 also means consciousness.”

Wayne said, “Number 1 means to have focused ourselves. Number 1 is unity. Number 1 is initiation, it’s beginning, it’s direction. Now that we have this intention, the Number 1 initiates our direction into whatever our destiny is. The progression from the no-thing into the Number 1 allows us to be intentional, allows us to have a direction, to have intention about ourselves, and then to move forward into it.”

Wayne adds, “When I think about SEL 1, I think of unity. I think of happiness. I think of movement.”

Muriel said: “It’s a very peaceful flow to do, and it’s nice to see people have a breath. It seems to really open people. It’s a powerful flow.”

Philomena closes, “Good things come in small packages.”

The full text can be seen in Volume 1 Number 1, Autumn 1993 and Volume 1 Number 4, Winter 1994 of the Main Central newsletter which can be purchased from the Scottsdale office; go to

Gassho, Namaste


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