From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 1:3)

Continuing from Volume 1, Number 4, Winter 1994, Kim asks Muriel Carlton, Philomena Dooley and Wayne Hackett “Why is SEL 1 located where it is? (on the medial side of the knee)

Wayne replied: “If we want the legs to be a facilitator of movement in life, the legs must move sufficiently and effectively from the knee. The knee initiates the action, then the rest of the leg, and then ultimately the rest of the body follows the initiation of the knee.”

Philomena adds: “Ah, thereby hangs the tale. In studying the Body, Jiro Murai finally ascertained the location for SEL 1. Once he realized that, then all the other SELs fell into place.

Muriel stated: “I think part of it is understanding numbers, because the Safety Energy Locks are not placed on the body haphazardly. They are mathematically located. Also, if we took a map of Japan and placed on top of it the Safety Energy Locks located on the body, we would find a corresponding relationship with the location of the Shinto temples in Japan. Clearly, the locations of the Safety Energy Locks are not an accident.”

Thank you all for these insights. It makes me think of Dr. Nogier’s inverted man concept of the little man on the ear.

You can click on the link to see the placement of Safety Energy Locks on the body; 26 each side for a total of 52 Safety Energy Locks.
Energy Safety Lock Figure


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