From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 1:2)

Continuing the interview regarding the Prime Mover, Safety Energy Lock 1, Kim asked Muriel, Philomena and Wayne, “To whom or what is SEL 1 related?”

Michael Wenninger talks about Jin Shin Jyutsu relationships. It’s all about relationships. If I think long and hard enough, Life is all about relationships. (smile)

Philomena answered: ” Number 1 is masculine and descending. It needs another Safety Energy Lock to work with, so how about SEL 2? Number 2 is an ascending number and feminine. So SEL 1 and SEL 2 work together. They’re also the first step in the Number 1 flow. SELs 10 and 1 also work together. For instance, to release the left SEL 10 you hold the left SEL 10 and the right SEL 1. That’s the first step of the 10 Flow. SEL 9 is the end of the cycle and SEL 10 is the new cycle. Mary referred to SELs 10 and 1 together as being the Warehouse of Abundance. SEL 10 is releasing the back, and SEL 1 is releasing the leg. One of the greatest contacts is SEL 1 with SEL 10. SEL 1 is born out of spirit and SEL 10 is born out of matter. So, when the cycle ends at SEL 9, SEL 10 begins a new one.”

Muriel added, “And that means absolute freedom from bondage.”

Wayne offered, “There’s a lot of Fifth Depth relationship to SEL 1. Fifth Depth is our attainment at the highest level; it’s the attainment of becoming who we were born to be. Five means the final healing. So the Fifth Depth will bring us back into oneness ultimately. If we add, for instance, all the Safety Energy Locks that are facilitated by the little finger, Fifth Depth, (SELs 15, 18, 20, 23 and 24), they equal 100 – a really abundant Number 1. So one-ness is our ultimate state, the state from which we came, and it’s the state to which we will return. In fact, it’s the state in which we exist. SEL 1 simply allows us to erase the illusions of any kind of separateness or anything that would keep us apart. And SEL 1 is just about that: to connect. Fifth Depth really is the ultimate expression of effortless reality, and effortless reality is possible when SEL 1 participates. We see in many of the flows that we use SEL 1, because so much of our unhappiness in life is because we’ve gotten ourselves stuck.
Mercury is Fourth Depth, so then we see how SEL 1, as Mercury, has a relationship to the Fourth Depth. We see the weaving process of all the safety energy locks in all the depths.”

I begin to understand.
Thank you, Kim, Muriel, Philomena and Wayne.


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