What is a Depth? From the Main Central

Two days ago I shared information from the Main Central Newsletter about Safety Energy Lock 1.

Yesterday I shared the “No-thing” information about the Depths.

The Main Central devoted 2 issues to Safety Energy Lock 1 (Prime Mover) and in the Winter 1994 issue (Volume 1 Number 4) Wayne Hackett responded to the question: “What is a Depth?”

His reply helps me; perhaps it will help you!

“A Depth is a dimension of life which develops as we go. It is a state of our being.”

Rima Lurie, a JSJ practitioner from Colorado, stated: “Responding to the question about how I would explain the Depths in Jin Shin Jyutsu, I immediately see a vast body of water. Visualizing as if from within the water, and from the side, I am aware of sunlight hitting the surface, the brilliant upper layers becoming shadowed in increasing gradations downward. Perception of sound waves and temperature varies with distance from the surface, and distinct life-like forms characterize the realms. Without rigid boundaries, unique qualities and layers are evident, each being essential to the existence of the whole. Yet, because of fluidity and overlap among the layers, currents, changes, and circumstances in any one place have ramifications everywhere. A water spider makes subtle rippling waves. A trout rising from the depths catches a fly near the surface, sinks…the ripples spread. Wind strengthens, creating waves; in turn, all the Depths respond.”

Rima’s understanding helps me visualize the invisible.
Thank you, Wayne and Rima.


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