“What Mary Says,…”

Mary gleaned much wisdom from the ancients; Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus and Will Rogers…(smile)

Here are a few she shared with us in this little book:

There are no justifiable attitudes. – Paracelsus

The study of visible man is complicated. The study of invisible man is simple. Study invisible man more. – Paracelsus

Ignorance looks at many separate things in the world. Wisdom sees only the many parts as Being whole. – Plato

Nothing in the affairs of man is worthy of anxiety. – Plato

On the level of therapy, harmonic music contributes to the complete integration of the person. – Pythagoras

Harmonic music is associated with complete harmony within the person. – Pythagoras (see today’s No-thing in Jin Shin Jyutsu blog)

Life consists of only two Principles: what is the Creator’s Art and that which is my art. – Socrates

Now I know I know nothing. – Socrates

You may be on the right path, but if you don’t move you’ll get run over. – Will Rogers

…from pages 33-35…

Thank you, Mary.

1 thought on ““What Mary Says,…”

  1. Joan J

    Hahah “you may be on the right path but if you don’t move you’ll get run over” thanks Deborah & Will Rogers


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