I’m thinking…

I’m thinking…
thinking, thinking, thinking…
Nada! Not a fertile thought in my head.
Cleopatra, my cat and queen of the premises-who-allows-me-to-buy-her-food-and-toys, woke me at 4:45 a.m. – that’s AM – this morning by nibbling on my arm with her TEETH!
I don’t know why.
She had food and water in her dishes.
She wanted the OTHER food.
Well, I had to get up early (though not quite THIS early) anyway.
But I wasn’t ready and my brain has defaulted to this queer little tune that I made up a very long time ago.
It won’t stop! There are no words to it. Awk! I’m humming this tune. I can’t stop humming this tune.
I get a brief respite when I’m blogging or talking on the phone but it snaps right back when I’m done.

Though it IS a cheery little ditty. I have no idea where it came from.
It is hum-able and humming is supposed to help the breath…
which of course we need to exist…

Guess I’ll hum my way to Morristown; my destination for the day.
I’m glad my vet doesn’t know about my blog.
I would be in BIG trouble for letting Cleopatra (and her kindred cat-spirit, Cooper-kitty) graze.
It’s okay so far…they are both trim…even lean and mean. Well, Cleopatra can be mean. She is a huntress…I could’ve named her Diana.
I’m babbling….
So, have a “humming” good day!
(but only if you want to)


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