From the Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (SEL 1:1)

Scottsdale was having a special if you purchased ALL issues of the Main Central.
I did it.
I’m glad.
Volume 1 Number 3 (Autumn 1993) addresses “The Prime Mover”; Safety Energy Lock 1.
It is an interview with Muriel Carlton, Philomena Dooley and Wayne Hackett.
They share their experiences with SEL 1.
I am just beginning to understand the relationship between JSJ, Quantum Physics, Astronomy and Astrology.
I like this part (from Wayne):
“SEL 1 is the place from which all activity, all movement, begins and so it’s the initiation of the process of spirit as matter. It reminds me of the relationship between Mercury and movement, and of the relationship between Heaven and Earth. SEL 1 means to me the movement of Heaven into Earth.”
Wayne continues, “SEL 1 does everything. It begins the movement out of the no-thing into the expression materializing, bringing spirit into matter. SEL 1 works on every level, initiating the process. It works with many of the 12 organ functions in terms of facilitating their activity, especially the liver. All the toe flows come up through SEL 1, so it sustains that returning energy as well. Not just the energy coming down, but it also facilitates the generation of energy into matter. It is the first number of the First Depth, so that’s all the getting-ready-to-manifest piece. It talks to us about our unity, our oneness. Everything that oneness means.”

‘K everyone! Grab your 1’s!

Do you all know the story of the Depths coming from No-thing?
Perhaps tomorrow.


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