Jin Shin Jyutsu Is – Self-Help Instruction

     ~ The Cosmic Artless Art to Know (Help) Myself

~ Physio-Philosophy – Awareness of Myself

        ~ Physio-Psychology – Understanding of Myself

 ~ Physio-Physiology – Technique for Myself

JIN is “Man of Knowing, Compassion”

SHIN is “Creator”

JYUTSU is “Art”

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an innate part of man’s wisdom

Your personal harmony of body, mind and spirit rests in your own hands!

Learn about this 3,000 year old Healing Art; its history, origin and application.


4 thoughts on “Jin Shin Jyutsu Is – Self-Help Instruction

  1. Olga Borker

    Looking for experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner to give treatments for post injury back pain .. mid back left side. Chronic pain everyday. Cannot do housework or walk lengthwise of house without spasm in that location followed immediately by deep pain. Vertebrae excellent per best orthopedic surgeons. Physical therapy makes condition worse.

  2. Kerry

    Deborah, if ever i come to New Jersey i will definetely look you up! i love your story and so glad you found yourself pain free and happy after your treatment, i loved reading your testimonials, you are very gifted. If you come to London i would love a session!..Love & Light Kerry x


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